Hello, my name is Janet, and I’m a blogger.

Ten years ago today, I began writing a blog called “Adventures in Ethics and Science.” It started out on Blogspot, and I started out using a pseudonym (Dr. Free-Ride), even though the only readers I ever expected to get were the students in my “Ethics in Science” class, whose enthusiastic engagement with the course made a blog seem like a good way to keep our conversations going without making them late for their other classes.

I had no idea at the time that, less than a year later, I’d have the opportunity to “sell out” and “go pro” by joining the ScienceBlogs network at its launch; that my blogging would end up being part of my tenure dossier; that eventually I’d sell out *again* by starting another blog (“Doing Good Science”) on the Scientific American Blog Network; that blogging would be the site of so many interactions that have been professionally and personally enriching; or that I’d still be blogging ten years later.

My tenth blogiversary seems like a good time to officially launch this site, the new home of “Adventures in Ethics and Science” and “Doing Good Science”. The paint is still drying, but it’s starting to feel like home. I’m looking forward to having you over, to keep having the conversations that have made blogging … let’s not call it a habit (or a problem!), but a part of my life without which I wouldn’t really feel like myself.

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  1. Glad you have found a new blog-home. Twitter has not been an option since I still operate on a dumb-phone.

    Hope we here from you often.

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